TV Club: Tina! Amy! Maya! The Boss! SNL brings out the big guns in a decent end to 2015

“We’re not actors, we’re [movie/TV/autobiography/former SNL] stars!”

Amy and Tina. Tina and Amy. Poehler and Fey. Fey and… you get it—it’s good to have Amy Poehler and Tina Fey back on SNL. Sure, they’re there partly to pump up the middling-looking Sisters, but there’s been a palpable sense that they’re back in town to right the ship. And while they didn’t stride 8H like twin colossi of comedy, they still injected the show with some much-needed energy—even if, at time, their energy seemed a bit lacking.

Starting off their monologue speaking their lines in synch (“We finish each other’s sent—” “—ipedes. Human Centipedes”), they showed off an old snapshot of them at Second City before launching into a Christmas carol bit, and I know what you’re thinking—two of the most important, vital people in SNL …

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