TV Club: Timeless needs to ditch the formula

Sometimes shows go on a hot streak, cranking out a pack of successive best-of-series episodes. This isn’t the case with “Stranded” and “Space Race,” two back-to-back Timeless episodes of varying quality. It may not be as thrilling as watching a show hit home run after home run, but these two installments manage to illustrate some of the best things about NBC’s time-travel series while also falling victim to some of what holds the show back. One’s mostly a winner, the other not so much, and while the overall effect is still a mostly positive one, it can be useful to use the highs of one to understand the lows of the other.

Episode 7 – “Stranded” – aired 11/21/2016

The two most effective episodes of Timeless thus far, “Party at Castle Varlar” and “The Alamo,” have little in common in terms of tone, but the successes of …

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