TV Club: Timeless isn’t bigger on the inside

Well, Timeless may know when it exists, but it doesn’t seem to know why.

With the pilot of Shawn Ryan and Eric Kripke’s sci-fi-lite procedural, we get some good things. It’s a fairly entertaining 42 minutes, and briskly packs in exposition, world-building, and even a bit of mythology while still managing to crash the Hindenburg twice (and not crash it once). It has a few solid fights, some zingers, and some of the most charming performers television has to offer. It is, all in all, a completely acceptable hour of storytelling, and that’s just fine.

What it lacks is substance, and that’s also OK. Not ideal, and not to everyone’s taste, but it’s just fine. No, the trouble is that Timeless seems to be, not aiming for, but feigning at something more profound, and that’s perhaps what’s most frustrating about the …

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