TV Club: Timeless gets tipsy in a solid and unexpectedly timely episode

Timeless seems to have found its sweet spot.

In a mostly promising but decidedly uneven first season, Timeless has wandered all over the map, tonally speaking. In an earlier review, I described it as Alias meets Wishbone, and that’s a combination that’s a a bit of a mixed bag (though not a boring one). At its highest points, however, it managed to mostly dodge the Wishbone aspects (bad impressions and weird, back-of-the-head shots of famous people) as well the dicier Alias elements (brief hints of an undefined nefarious organization and intrigue for intrigue’s sake). There were still hiccups in hours like “Party at Castle Varlar,” “The Alamo,” and (more recently) “The Assassination of Jesse James,” but each had a certainty the other hours have lacked. They felt finished, even confident. Not perfect, but on the way to something solid.

“The Lost Generation” is the something solid to …

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