TV Club: “Time to give the people what they want” on The Exorcist

While The Exorcist has shown several failed and successful exorcisms so far—probably more than all of the films combined—tonight feels like the first one we’ve seen in earnest. Alright, technically, it’s the conclusion of the same exorcism we’ve been witnessing for the back half of the season, but you see what I’m getting at. It’s long, it seemingly ends with good prevailing over evil, and It’s the first time the practice feels like it has legitimate weight.

Maybe that last trait has to do with its late placement in the season. Or maybe it has to do with both the Rance clan and the two priests having to overcome their own personal demons to save Casey. But who am I kidding? The main reason this particular exorcism feels important is because it delivers the visual goods we’ve come to expect. There …

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