TV Club: Tig Notaro takes her comedy door to door in the charming Knock Knock

In the summer of 2013, comedian Tig Notaro made a video for her fans. “If you’d like for me to be on your rooftop, your basement, your backyard, living room, garage, in your barn,” she began. “You tell me where I’m going.”

The comedian’s request received more than 1,000 responses, and Knock Knock, It’s Tig Notaro features a few of the best. Or, at least, the ones that inspired a visit from Notaro. But to start things off, the documentary shows a selection of videos from folks who didn’t make the cut: Someone who made a tiny paper puppet “Tig in a blanket.” A guy who says that “the audience would be me and my dog, Patches.” Something called The West Bestern with “a green screen area” in a terrifying basement. A woman who made what appears to be a casserole, and then describes …

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