TV Club: This Vaginismus, Lady Dynamite’s in a tight spot

“You could do that, I mean, there’s no way you couldn’t not do that,” Maria rambles to Graham halfway through “A Vaginismus Miracle.” This advice comes just after she cheerfully punches him in the face and just before she frantically tidies up, stacking still-lit candles on top of still-full dinner plates and swabbing down everything with antibacterial wipes. Maria’s Hollywood past timeline has been exciting, even frenzied, but now she’s well into her first manic episode. This episode (of TV, not of bipolar mania) is a shining example of Lady Dynamite‘s mastery of tone.

It’s hard to create comedy from mental illness without lapsing into laughing at mental illness. Maria Bamford’s show explores her own history, and that’s part of what makes it so relatable and real, even in its surreality. The deft writing gives it a smart, layered construction and expands …

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