TV Club: This Is Us puts the fun back in funeral for a weak episode before its first season finale

“Now What?” is a lot more descriptive of a title than perhaps it should be. It’s tough to follow an episode like “Memphis,” an emotional gut-punch that focused on the most compelling series’ storyline and its best characters. And “Now What?” proved that in a couple of ways. But it had to pull back. Sustaining that high level of emotion in an episode that is sandwiched between “Memphis” and what will surely be a tearjerker finale was untenable. So I was fine to expect a set up episode that would like lead us into the final 45 minutes of the season. I just wish it didn’t feel like such a wholly predictable setup. Or course Randall was going to quit his job. Of course Kate was going to admit she believes she’s the cause of Jack’s death. Of course Kevin’s play was going to be …

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