TV Club: This Is Us dismantles the legend of Jack Pearson

I so thoroughly enjoyed everything about this episode of This Is Us for so many different reasons, but above all, it was well-balanced. It wasn’t overloaded with cheese, but it had its moments of drama, and there was just enough of the shmaltz that I watch this show for.

And, above all, it was funny.

I’ve been thinking about why I will put up with the emotional manipulation that This Is Us is so good at, and has gotten even better at as the show has progressed. It’s because the show is funny, and takes the time to make a joke or throw in a one-liner without bashing us constantly over the head with this forced emotion. It makes it all go down that much smoother, and makes those times when the music swells and we’re supposed to feel something — y’know really FEEL SOMETHING — seem …

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