TV Club: There’s too little Stan in Stan Against Evil: Goat Edition

If the Stan Against Evil premiere was all about Stan, “Know, Know, Know Your Goat” looks to fill us in on the rest of the (admittedly tiny) supporting cast. The main action involves Stan’s oddball adult daughter Denise inadvertently picking up a stray goat-demon while blueberry picking. (In her defense, he just looked like a regular goat at the time.) And new Sheriff Evie Barret winds up retrieving some enchanted salad tongs (like you do) and interviewing Willard’s Mill’s local crazy street preacher about how to dispatch said goat-demon. The problem with sidelining Stan, however, is that a reduced-Stan Stan Against Evil turns out to be even slighter than the sloppy but entertaining pilot.

John C. McGinley’s hardly absent here, but his Stan spends the first half of the episode scowling in his retirement easy chair while Denise and Evie do most of the leg-work, blueberry-picking …

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