TV Club: There’s no secret about this triumphant Transparent flashback

There’s a lot of loaded dialogue in “If I Were A Bell,” but nothing detonates quite like the episode’s sign-off. Between clandestine kisses, Young Mort (as the credits identify the flashback character played by Jimmy Ambrose) asks Young Shelly (Molly Bernard, perfectly cast) a question that will define their relationship: “Can you keep a secret?” In the moment, he’s talking about the supply-closet rendezvous that’s taking place at a gallery opening for his fiancée (Sarah Yarkin as Young Debra). But nothing in Transparent is truly about the moment. The choices the Pfeffermans make, the actions they take, and the circumstances that are beyond their control ripple from past to present to future. And those ripples always contain secrets.

Written by Our Lady J and helmed by American Honey director Andrea Arnold, “If I Were A Bell” depicts the frequently damaging, occasionally rousing effect secrets had on …

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