TV Club: There’s no place like home for the Please Like Me finale

“Champagne” and “Christmas Trifle” make an unfortunately smart pair. What goes up, must come down. “Champagne” starts as low as Please Like Me gets. Josh Thomas is a picture of nerves on his hospital visit to see Ben. Seriously impressive performance here. He can barely smile. The usual opening credits montage can’t even manage a cut this time. It’s a single take on the gray elevator up to the dying man’s room. Luckily the episode continues that elevation on the observation wheel. Yes, the gondola gets so claustrophobic that Arnold has to curl up, and both couples are one wrong word away from splitting up, but with some right words Josh manages to restore everything, and the episode ends as happily as possible. Ben lives.

Unfortunately, that puts everyone in a bad place for Christmas: Things can only get worse, which they do, almost immediately, in small …

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