TV Club: There’s no escaping the past on Outcast

It’s quite appropriate that this week’s episode of Outcast, “A Wrath Unseen,” begins with a funeral. It seems as if everyone in Rome is grieving or dealing with trauma. There are literal and figurative ghosts at every turn and there’s no escaping them. The casket belonging to Norville, Kyle’s newly-deceased neighbor, fills the entire frame. Death is everywhere. As Kyle Barnes shakes his head in response to whether he’d like to say a few words about Norville, a blurry figure moves across the frame behind him. It’s Sidney, aka. the mysterious man in black and also probably literal Death. He lingers everywhere. I mean, from what we can tell, he killed Norville. Now he stands at the man’s grave mourning the loss of his “old friend.” It’s a grim (I know, I know) start to the episode, but Outcast’s type grim …

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