TV Club: There’s lots to love about The Big Bang Theory on Valentine’s Day

Holiday-themed episodes tend to have a way of forcing TV shows to really focus on creating a connective thread between the episode’s various plots. Sometimes the holiday theme is a way to bring a bunch of characters together for one big chaotic bit of comedy. Sometimes it allows certain pairings to separate and yet remain thematically connected across the half-hour. Tonight’s Valentine’s Day-themed episode of The Big Bang Theory falls into that latter category, with the day of love and companionship (or loneliness and gross capitalism, depending on where you stand) promoting an episode structure that sees each subplot nicely tied together.

Considering that the show has struggled to find a way forward for all the characters after intensely focusing on Amy and Sheldon’s relationship for the first half of the season, the cohesive nature of this episode is more than welcome. It starts with the …

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