TV Club: There’s almost no one left to root for on Scandal

Your previous Scandal reviewer, Joshua Alston, told me once that most times he watches the episodes he has to review just one time, because that’s the same amount that most people watch the show. I admired his ability to absorb everything in one viewing and be that attentive, but I usually give most episodes I review at least two views, one straight watch, and then a second to take notes.

Except for this episode of Scandal. I never want to see this episode again. I do, however, want to take a bath.

Sure, in this age of peak TV, and anti-heroes, does it matter if a show has anyone to root for? After awhile on Breaking Bad, did people still hope that Heisenberg would get everything he wanted, even after they’d written off his wife? Did Mad Men give us Peggy because Don could be so unsympathetic? I …

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