TV Club: There is nothing else like Childrens Hospital, and Childrens Hospital is like nothing else

Childrens Hospital exists outside of a world of consistent timelines or backstories. In fact, if the show were to finally just say that the entire cast of the show-within-a-show were immortal beings who travel through time and space, no one would even need to question that. After all, that’s actually a backstory that makes a lot of sense given the source material. So while last week’s episode of Childrens Hospital told the origins of Nurse Beth and her one day experience as a doctor, that can’t even compare to this week’s origin story: the origin of Childrens Hospital as a part of 1950s comedy/variety show called The Show You Watch.

Last season, Megan Amram wrote a Childrens Hospital episode that really capitalized on the flexibility of Childrens Hospital‘s universe while also bringing in the world of fandom and fan fiction. “The Show You Watch …

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