TV Club: The zombies aren’t the only things moving slow on a clumsy Z Nation

Thus far on Z Nation, any destination has simply been an excuse for the journey. From the failed plan to get to the CDC, to any possible source of succor or optimism outside of our makeshift family, all goals have merely been chimeras of opportunity, something to keep Warren and company moving forward. But there’s nothing beyond the next hill, other than a new destination, a further problem, and on and on, in an unceasing struggle. But that’s precisely the point. They don’t keep going because they need to find a way to stay alive. They keep going because that’s how they stay alive. Each adventure helps to keep their blood flowing, their senses sharp, and adds a bit more knowledge and experience to their collective identity.

But some adventures are worth more than others. “Murphy’s Miracle” tries its best to make this forgettable outing …

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