TV Club: The world outside Divorce isn’t that great either

Divorce splits up this week, as our usually gold Thomas/Frances interaction is limited to one very funny phone call. But as the point of Divorce is to split these two up, anyway, it’s interesting to see how Frances and Robert will fare on their own. Not very well, judging from the hijinks this episode.

And there are hijinks galore, especially with Robert and his continuing band of low-rent helpers and his quest to make FunSpace happen. Forgot to toss out a shoutout to Geoffrey Owens, former Cosby Show son-in-law as Robert’s first lawyer, Gerald Watkins Mayfield. It’s a sign of the unfamiliar straits that Robert finds himself in that something like “It’s all law” would actually make sense to him. But as he tries to cobble together the “FunSpace” plan. His PowerPoint slide show with the earbuds is hilarious, and even keeps in with the …

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