TV Club: The women of Penny Dreadful rise up, but hit the glass ceiling

Nearly every episode of Penny Dreadful presents another opportunity to gush over Eva Green’s work as Vanessa Ives, and “Ebb Tide” is no exception. In doing so, however, we run the risk of overlooking some of the other fine performances by the regular cast. There’s no better time than now to show a little love for Billie Piper, who has grown into a commanding presence in her own right after a somewhat shaky start. Back in season one, when she was still playing consumptive prostitute Brona Croft, Piper had few chances to shine; as I noted in my review of the first season finale, she mostly coughed and took her clothes off. She also struggled a bit with the Irish accent that thankfully disappeared when she was reborn as the intended bride of Frankenstein, Lily.

Lily has only grown stronger as a character since the early days following …

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