TV Club: The women of Luke Cage buoy the series and its lead

Luke Cage is not like your typical comic book tale. Luke, in all his blackness, would stand out anyway, but Luke Cage also presents us with a world where the hero needs to be constantly prodded into action. Willing to run at any moment, Luke has be to drawn back to heroism by Claire. His reluctance and need to be constantly motivated is a mark against Luke and makes him someone someone who relies on the emotional labor of others to spring to action.

The complex machinations of the people in Luke Cage—the women in particular—can make for an engrossing urban crime drama. It moves slower than most other comic book fare but Luke Cage isn’t an average superhero tale. The episode “Manifest” is one of those engrossing stories. The women went ahead and ran off with the series and Luke was supremely underwhelming. Between Colter’s …

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