TV Club: The witch is back as Grimm drops a bombshell reveal in its winter finale

Grimm isn’t a show that you normally think of when you think of big dramatic twists. There have been plenty of cliffhangers deployed over four seasons, and plenty of things that were surprising as they’ve occurred, but it’s not a show that relies on huge narrative twists to keep going in the way that shows like Scandal or Empire do on a weekly basis. By contrast, Grimm is an almost leisurely paced show, one that lays the groundwork for its reveals so what happens feels like the natural order of things. If anything, its problem is that it lays too much groundwork for too many things, to the point that events get subsumed by the weight of plot or mythology and the payoff gets muted.

Well, there’s no chance of that happening to the last event of “Wesen Nacht,” because it’s a doozy of a …

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