TV Club: The Walking Dead: “Try”

By now, it’s clear where this season of The Walking Dead is heading; there’s going to be a confrontation in Alexandria between Rick’s group and Deanna’s group over the fate of the town. Probably more people will day, zombies will presumably will be involved. But the way this show is, the big explosion can’t hit until the end of the season, so right now, we’re stuck in the rising action—which, at least in theory, is a perfectly fine place to be. Most serialized thrillers like this one aren’t a constant series of detonations—there are lulls between big bangs, key periods of time when things are clearly getting worse, but not yet as bad as they can be. It’s like music, really. If you’re loud all the time, you deafen the audience and you lose the impact of loudness.

So …

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