TV Club: The Walking Dead: “Spend”

Another episode focusing on several different storylines, another hit or miss experience; thankfully, “Spend” is largely a hit, even if one of the stronger segments indulges in gore to a degree that borders on tastelessness. (I guess that’s almost a pun?) Father Gabriel’s bizarre efforts to sow doubt about Rick and the others lands with a flat thud, as the character’s sailed over the edge of clear-thinking and into La La Land. It’s possible to chart his progress, and there is a sort of twisted logic to what he does here—he is essentially trying to push his sins off onto the rest of the group—but it’s still such a flailing, and unhinged, way to behave that he ceases to be interesting as a person with motivations, and becomes instead a sort of special effect. He’s not a zombie, not yet, but character-wise …

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