TV Club: The Venture Bros. returns with a new look and the same style

When last we left Team Venture, some major shit had gone down. The Venture compound was in flames, courtesy of the Monarch; the Sovereign, having murdered most of the Council of Thirteen, was apparently (and inadvertently) killed while escaping his compound; Dr. Mrs. The Monarch had been shot; Dean and Doctor Venture had a moment together; and Jonas Venture Jr., the Arnold Schwarzenegger to Rusty’s Danny DeVito, was dead, sacrificing his cancer ridden body in the explosion of the space station that served as the culmination of his scientific exploits. The status quo had been more or less destroyed.

As “Hostile Makeover” reminds us, though, that’s par for the course with The Venture Bros. Nothing stays the same for long, not bodyguards, or subplots, or home. We get a quick glimpse of Jonas’s funeral (including a shot of Rusty paralyzed with joy, clutching his dead brother’s …

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