TV Club: The Venture Bros. begins its table setting for the rest of the season

I apologize in advanced, as I’m mostly a casual viewer of The Venture Bros., so there may be some details that I miss out on. I’m all caught up with the show, but the sheer scale and multiple threads that this show embraces is dizzying, and I commend all of those who have been able to keep up with those minute details (like, is there another reason that Brock’s gun is empty, beside the fact that he doesn’t use one?). This season, to its credit, feels like a soft reboot, and while there’s still enough callbacks and references to fill an encyclopedia set, it’s starting off with a fresh, somewhat self-contained story that’s been so far easy to keep up with.

“Faking Miracles” is mostly about moving various pieces around and setting up what seems to be the more dramatic parts of …

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