TV Club: The Vampire Diaries: “Woke Up With A Monster”

For as much as the characters on The Vampire Diaries have changed since the series began, they’re still not very good at it. They’ve turned into vampires (and some turned back into human again), died in various traumatic ways and come back to life, gotten trapped in alternate dimensions, and lost numerous people they’ve loved. It’s been a crazy ride of love, loss, trauma, grief, letting go, and moving on, and the theme of season six has been how these characters react to these changes; who can move on and let go, and who is desperately clinging to the past. This theme continues with the January premiere, as Damon and Elena navigate their weird in-between relationship and Caroline must deal with her mother’s cancer diagnosis.

Caroline’s story is the more compelling one here, as she must deal with the fact that something is happening …

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