TV Club: The Vampire Diaries sends Damon on yet another downward spiral

After an entertaining two-episode detour to delve deep into the psyches of Damon and Stefan Salvatore, The Vampire Diaries is back in mostly-plot mode again. The good news is that the show has shed some of the story albatross that was dragging it down in the first half of season seven. The bad news is that it’s unclear if what remains of this season’s plot is as interesting as the previous, non-plot-based two episodes were.

The best thing about the episode is something that I’m not sure was actually its intention: It made me believe that Elena really, truly could be dead. This likely wasn’t the intention because we were supposed to believe she was dead last week, when Damon torched her coffin. But over the years TVD has brought so many people back from the dead and reversed so many seemingly permanent plot points that …

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