TV Club: The Vampire Diaries races toward something, hopefully

As it stands now, this season of The Vampire Diaries inspires a lot more questions than it clearly ever planned to, and while doing so, it has yet to sufficiently answer said questions. This would be one thing if these questions were in relation to a greater mystery (like a past season’s “Who’s going to take the cure?”) or surprise (“How are the gang going to save their town,” which also goes back to past seasons), but instead, there are really just questions about the general plot and choices of this current season. How is the audience ultimately supposed to feel about the Heretics, whether that be empathy for them as “people” or hate from them as “villains”? What exactly was supposed to be so terrifying about Julian in comparison to so many other past villains in the series? And most importantly, especially for “This Woman’s Work …

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