TV Club: The Vampire Diaries kicks off its final season by introducing a new (old) evil

The Vampire Diaries is in a peculiar situation heading into its eighth and final season. It’s never been a show that relies on long-term mythology, preferring to instead to embrace the immediacy of its storytelling. This has mostly proven to be of great advantage, and is directly responsible for some of the show’s best moments. But going into a final season, it also leaves The Vampire Diaries as a mythology show with no actual mythology to wrap up. There are no dangling questions that need answering, no long-lost characters whose loose ends need to be tied up. Other than the question of whether or not Elena will show up in the finale to reunite with Damon, most every other avenue of the show’s history has already been thoroughly explored.

It’s because of this peculiar situation that it’s probably best “Hello, Brother” feels very much like …

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