TV Club: The Vampire Diaries: “I’m Thinking Of You All The While”

Elena Gilbert is important.

The show might be called The Vampire Diaries, but from the very beginning it was really about human Elena. She was our entry point into this crazy vampire world; for three seasons, our human tether grounding the supernatural insanity around her; our brave heroine who would rather sacrifice herself than allow her friends to get hurt. For a while, her doppelganger blood was even the fulcrum around which the entire plot of the show pivoted, during what was the best creative stretch of the entire series to date. She was a teenage girl who was broken by the death of her parents and then put herself back together; was strong when she easily could have been weak.

She is important.

When Elena became a vampire in the season three finale, I mourned human Elena like she was a separate character who died, a character I deeply …

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