TV Club: The Vampire Diaries: “I Could Never Love Like That”

The Vampire Diaries returns from a four-week hiatus a very different show from where it last left off. On the surface of the episode everything might seem the same, but the show is about to undergo a seismic shift due to the announced departure of Nina Dobrev, and that departure hangs like a specter over everything. Now that we know she is leaving, the exact nature of how Elena will depart this universe is becoming increasingly clear as the season marches toward its conclusion.

When Bonnie gave Damon the rediscovered cure, the show’s social media immediately set off a fan campaign asking who would get to take it. If there was ever any doubt that someone other than Elena would get it, this episode—coupled with the knowledge that Dobrev is leaving the show after this season—completely erases it. Elena is getting the cure, and the episodes between …

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