TV Club: The Vampire Diaries has a Mystic Falls problem

A big focus of season seven of The Vampire Diaries is the town of Mystic Falls itself. Since the premiere, it has been almost a character in the narrative, first terrorized by the Heretics and then used as a bargaining chip in the fight with them, essentially turning it into a barren, abandoned wasteland. Now Mystic Falls is being besieged yet again, this time as Julian turns it into some sort of scene out of vampire Roadhouse, with only Matt Donovan there to defend the town’s honor.

The question about this sudden focus on Mystic Falls after all these years is what does this town mean, exactly, to the show? Early in the show’s run, the town had an actual personality with a rich history that the show used to create story and deepen character connections. This hasn’t been the case in quite a while, however, with …

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