TV Club: The usual tricks are still compelling to watch on The Exorcist

When Father Tomas finally drives the demon Pazuzu out of Angela, it’s through a mixture of theme and methodology we’ve been seeing all season long on The Exorcist. The reaffirmation of one’s faith, the importance of family—none of it’s exactly revelatory.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not treated as such. As Tomas realizes how to defeat the mind-fuck incarnation of Father Marcus and the Rances discover that the best way to fight evil is with their (seemingly unbreakable) familial bond, it’s all presented as new information for some reason. Maybe that’s the point; this idea of how knowing what’s good for you and knowing how to put it into action are entirely separate things. And yet that doesn’t keep the final tactic of “I am a priest” and “We are a family” (excuse the paraphrasing) from being repetitive. We …

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