TV Club: The threat of starvation becomes real on a chaotic Wayward Pines

The thing that seemingly everyone but Jason expected would happen has finally happened: The Abbies are back, and they’re pissed. CJ and the others watch as the Aberrations target anyone holding a water hose, which seems like pretty definitive evidence these supposedly dumb creatures are thinking awfully clearly. Which is what makes it all the more irritating when we get two full scenes of Jason ranting about how these things are beasts, and there’s no way they’re capable of learning. How many times is Jason going to stick his head in the sand and be wrong? More importantly, how dumb do you have to be to look at all the available facts and still willfully ignore the obvious? Jason has apparently mistaken Kerry’s demand that he act like “the man born to lead” for “act like the man born to deny what’s staring you in …

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