TV Club: The Strain: “The Silver Angel”

After last week’s dull episode, season two of The Strain gets back on track with “The Silver Angel,” ditching the previous episode’s self-serious tone and instead shooting for a lot more humor and a solid dose of backstory. I mentioned in my reviews of the season’s first two episodes that the show had found great material in the interweaving origin story of the strigoi, Eldritch Palmer, and Abraham Setrakian. Tonight’s episode fleshes out more of that story and the episode is better off for it.

The Strain turns into a fun, loose show when it engages its mythology, perhaps because that’s the only way to make a story about the search for an ancient book entertaining. In all seriousness though, the story of how Palmer and Setrakian cross paths and then diverge from one another is some of the episode’s, and the season’s …

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