TV Club: The Strain: “The Born”

Now over halfway through its second season, The Strain is falling into a pattern that’s typical of a lot of shows. New characters and a shifting set of priorities strengthened the first half of this season. For a while, The Strain was transforming into a different show, one that embraced its camp and gothic influences while moving its dreadfully boring and contrived emotional storylines to the sidelines. This week’s episode, “The Born,” when coupled with last week’s installment, sees The Strain in a holding pattern. The storylines, specifically the one involving Eph travelling to Washington, are purely expository. It’s as if the show has hit pause in an attempt to regroup, getting everything in place for the season’s final arc.

That final arc will be Eph hunting down Palmer in the hopes of killing him, but for that to happen, a number of things need …

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