TV Club: The Strain: “The Battle For Red Hook”

“The Battle For Red Hook” doesn’t solve all of the problems bogging down this season of The Strain, but it does take a step in the right direction. Where the last few episodes have suffered from a lack of narrative momentum, and the few plot twists and advances have been as contrived as can be, tonight’s episode creates tension and intrigue by narrowing its focus. It’s still immensely frustrating that the show tends to spread out its storylines, refusing to check in on characters that are supposed to be integral to the overall story (sorry Gus, The Silver Angel, and Quinlan!), but at least “The Battle For Red Hook” uses the absence of other characters to create a more streamlined and compelling hour of television.

One of the reasons this episode works much better than the few before it is the presence of Eichhorst. I continue to …

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