TV Club: The Strain: “The Assassin”

Where has this version of The Strain been all season long? Far removed from the dull and contrived episodes that have defined the back half of the show’s second season, “The Assassin” is a legitimately thrilling hour of television, with barely a missed beat along the way. There are still some problems within the episode, the same problems that the show hasn’t been able to shake ever since its premiere, including horribly trite dialogue, but they’re not as noticeable when the pace is ramped up the way it is in tonight’s episode.

What really makes “The Assassin” stand out is that it has a streamlined narrative. Much of this season has struggled to build significant momentum because of the sprawl of characters and storylines. The Strain has had to not only move along the story of Eph and his Merry Band of Vampire Hunters, but also …

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