TV Club: The Strain: “Quick And Painless”

With the clearing out of Red Hook in full swing, and the response to the vampire infection in New York finally reaching levels of importance, The Strain is able to put a lot of its underwhelming character work to the side and focus on the epidemic and vampire hunting. While the first season of the show struggled to find its footing, there was at least a compelling version of the show that was strictly focused on the spreading of the vampires. Typically, when The Strain sticks to either its gothic or more traditional disaster/plague modes of storytelling, avoiding the trappings of “serious drama,” it finds a fun tone that benefits the episode.

“Quick And Painless” continues this season’s relative upswing in quality by returning to the show’s most reliable source of dramatic tension, and its greatest excuse to throw together action-packed scenes: the spread and subsequent attempts …

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