TV Club: The Strain: “Intruders”

The multiple threads that The Strain set up in its earliest episodes are taking a long time to unravel. New and interesting variables introduced into the plot, like Setrakian’s search for the Lumen, and Eph and Nora’s developing pathogen, are either slowly moving along or being ignored all together. Season two started off with some promise, the focus on backstory and the move away from typical drama reinvigorating a series that staggered to the end of its first season. Now though, The Strain is barely moving, all of its storylines stagnating. That means there’s a ton of exposition from one episode to the next, with plenty of scenes where characters just walk around with each other and talk about what it’s like to live in a city of strigoi.

The main reason the plot is so stagnant right now is because there’s hardly any conflict …

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