TV Club: The Strain: “Identity”

Relatively speaking, the second season of FX’s The Strain has improved upon the show’s first, largely because with the initial outbreak, and all the exposition that comes with that, firmly in the past, the show can move in a more focused and fun direction. Without having to establish the details of the virus, the Stoneheart Group, and Eph and his Merry Band of Vampire Hunters, something the first season struggled to do with any sort of nuance, season two has been allowed to let loose a little, and that’s been to the show’s benefit. “Identity,” though, is far removed from the looseness that’s defined this season so far. It’s the most laborious episode of the season, due in large part to its focus on Eph’s trip to Washington and all the muddled bureaucracy such a trip entails.

Every epidemic/disaster narrative needs to …

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