TV Club: The Strain: “Fort Defiance”

The reason why The Strain was largely off to a good start in its second season was because of its backstory. The show was taking the time to flesh out its mythology, to draw a connection between the contemporary New York where Eph and his merry band are hunting vampires to Setrakian’s past and further back. It’s a simple, but mostly effective way to make the current timeline more meaningful. That’s especially true when your modern-day storylines are generally undercooked and loaded with ham-fisted dialogue.

“Fort Defiance” does away with all the mythology-building and instead settles into that more familiar groove of season one, where Eph argues with Zach, Setrakian does things that seem crazy, and Nora tries to be rational around all these idiots. Without those flashbacks, the episode drags, many of the storylines stagnating and failing to offer up anything new or interesting.

We do …

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