TV Club: The Strain: “Dead End”

The second season of The Strain has been defined by wild swings in quality and narrative consistency. Week in and week out, the show oscillates from one of the only competent and fun horror shows on television to a cheesy, contrived mess that revels in its worst soap opera qualities. Last week’s episode provided some much needed momentum in an otherwise stagnating season, and it seemed likely that The Strain would keep that pace up; after all, there are only two more episodes in the season after tonight’s. The Strain has never really earned that kind of faith though, and that’s on me for seeing a way forward in last week’s thrilling, balanced episode, because “Dead End,” like its name suggests, refuses to go anywhere interesting.

One huge problem–there’s an even bigger one we’ll get to later–with “Dead End” is the shoehorned …

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