TV Club: The Spoils Before Dying: “Murder in B-Flat”

Eric Jonrosh (Will Farrell), the author, producer, director, composer, and host of The Spoils Before Dying, dwells in excess. Whether he’s bellowing for a glass of his contractually promised wine while a full glass sits next to him on the table or stuffing bites of hamburger down his gullet as he introduces his long-ignored masterwork, Jonrosh is a creature of immoderation.

That excess extends to his storytelling, both in-story and out. As the chronicler of The Spoils Before Dying, Jonrosh spills over with secrets from the private lives of his actors, especially the “filthy mouth and compulsive infidelities” of his former lover (Kristen Wiig as actress Laureighya Samcake playing jazz singer Delores DeWinter).

The nesting in that description, with a contemporary comic actor playing a mid-century actor playing a jazz singer, conveys a sense of the layering at work here. It’s a show about an infirm egomaniac introducing …

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