TV Club: The sky falls on Adele the chicken on Please Like Me

“Coq Au Vin” opens with Josh and Arnold awake way too early on a Tuesday morning, hours after Alan drove them home from the hospital, confronted with the evidence that Adele is a rooster. It’s a symbolic rooster—for starters, Arnold doesn’t want to deal with the rooster or the monogamy talk yet—but it’s also a real chicken that they’re going to have to kill now. Pretty much everyone has misgivings about it. Josh is the one pushing this bill through the committee, and even he ultimately chickens out. But there’s a joke running through all the Adele scenes. Nobody really wants to kill Adele, but everyone’s ultimately prepared to eat her. It’s like Ella says. They’re not really making the world a better place by somewhat half-heartedly standing up against killing the rooster. They’re just trying to feel like …

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