TV Club: The Simpsons: “The Musk Who Fell To Earth”

It’s not that Elon Musk isn’t famous enough to guest star on The Simpsons as himself. Musk—billionaire entrepreneur, inventor, visionary, and so forth is certainly a powerful and influential guy, even if he’s not possessed of the sort of pop cultural name recognition the regular Simpsons celebrity self-parodier enjoys. It more that, from the title on down, “The Musk Who Fell To Earth” plays out more like a love letter to Musk than a proper Simpsons episode. It’s like some Simpsons writers met Musk at a TED talk, got smitten when they found out Musk was a fan, and turned an episode of the show over to him. Which would be less of a problem if the episode were well-thought-out and funny, Musk were an engaging comic presence, or the Simpsons themselves weren’t relegated to supporting status on their own show.

There have been …

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