TV Club: The Simpsons: “The Kids Are All Fight”

It’s hard to write about modern-day Simpsons without comparing it to older—invariably better—classic episodes, but “The Kids Are All Fight” does the referring for me, so I say I get a pass. When an old roll of film sparks Homer and Marge’s memories of a time when the younger Bart and Lisa were fighting all the time, their reminiscences tie directly into season four’s “Lisa’s First Word.” The terrifying clown bed is there, for one, having survived at least for the year it took infant Lisa to become two-year-old Lisa, and Bart four-year old Bart—and for the genuine warmth that grew between them at the end of that episode to curdle into non-stop physical violence. That’s not a complaint—anyone who’s been around kids growing up knows how quickly the little monsters can turn on each other—but “The Kids Are …

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