TV Club: The Simpsons scores as Springfield goes lacrosse-crazy

Sometimes you watch an episode of The Simpsons do a number of little things well and realize that, by the end, you’ve seen a really solid episode of The Simpsons. As “There Will Be Buds” is a sports-themed episode, wherein the fickle fans of Springfield switch their allegiance from youth football to youth lacrosse, let’s go to the scoreboard.

The episode looks great. The cozy familiarity of Springfield’s yellow-dominated color scheme is so universal that it’s easy to overlook the show’s visuals. But the design and blue-and-gold palette of the kids’ uniforms is striking, and there’s a nicely thought-out fluidity to both the brief snippets of in-game action and movement all through the episode. The clearly defined motion and purpose of the lacrosse sticks makes for some truly funny and excitingly-designed sight gags, too. When Kirk Van Houten sheepishly pitches that the town’s …

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