TV Club: The Simpsons: “Mathlete’s Feat”

As the final act of “Mathlete’s Feat,” the final episode of the 26th season of The Simpsons went to commercial, I was genuinely pissed at how disjointed, lazy, and downright lousy this season finale was. In the episode, Springfield Elementary goes paperless, becomes a Waldorf School, and engages in two different math competitions against a snooty private school, ending with a wheezy last line from Groundskeeper Willie (promoted to mathlete teacher for under-imagined reasons we’ll get to) that the school’s triumph is a result of “lower standards.” That nothing about what’s come before informs that conclusion is bad enough in a bad, bad episode. But it’s what happens when the show returns from commercial that sums up everything that’s wrong with this episode, if not the current incarnation of the show itself.

A goddamned jug band number.

Nothing against anyone out there who practices …

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