TV Club: The Simpsons (Classic): “Treehouse of Horror VIII”

“Treehouse Of Horror VIII” (originally aired 10/26/1997)

In which Ah! A coffin!…

A thought struck me while watching “The HΩmega Man,” the first and funniest third of The Simpsons‘ eighth Halloween special. No, not “Hey, this is totally the missing link between the ‘Not if you were the last man on Earth’ joke and The Last Man On Earth,” though the “I can do everything I’ve always wanted!” montage plays like a condensed version of that show’s pilot. Rather, it was this: Was The Simpsons really changing during season nine? Or is it just that the world of 1997 was different than the world of 1989?

To the first question: Of course the show was changing. Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein had officially turned showrunning duties over to Mike Scully by the time of “Treehouse Of Horror VIII,” so there was a different set of hands …

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